How to manage different employee time zones in a remote environment

When you travel across time zones, your body must adjust to a new daylight schedule and reset so you can fall asleep and be awake at the appropriate times. Remote workers cite better work-life balance as the top reason they work remotely. They have the autonomy to structure their workday so they can be their most productive, get their tasks done efficiently, and make time for activities outside of work. When you’re accounting for your remote work hours, don’t forget to consider the time spent attending virtual meetings or other work events.

While there are many ways to approach your focus time, the most important thing is just getting it on the calendar so you can start dedicating a healthy portion of your workweek towards your priorities. And while interruptions can be difficult to prevent, you can defend yourself by anticipating them ahead of time. The first is to communicate context around what you’re working on. You work for 25 minutes with uninterrupted focus, give yourself a 5-minute break, and repeat 4 times for a 30-minute reward break after 2 hours. With the average middle manager spending 35% of their time in meetings, 5% refocusing after each, and 28% catching up on email, you’re not left with much time for productive work.

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Ensure that these are answered in the text before going ahead. Remember, too little information could result in a day of wasted work as they wait for an answer. This can lead to lethargy and a higher risk of more severe jet lag symptoms.

And remember, there’s no such thing as a ‘wrong way’ to dance. Both Gregory and Kohler discussed the importance of a sense of connection and trust between team members. Gregory dedicates the first few minutes of every meeting to simply chatting with co-workers and clients. Burnout affects workers across a wide variety of jobs and working styles. According to the American Psychological Association’s Work and Well-being Survey, almost 3 in 5 respondents reported stress related to work had affected them negatively. Workers said they lacked motivation and energy, cognitive weariness, emotional fatigue, and nearly half said they felt physically exhausted.

How to have a good work-life balance

One very effective technique is taking short, five-minute ‘Micro-breaks’ in-between sessions. Managing time isn’t just about getting the most work done, it’s also about recognizing your cognitive limitations and swiftly working around them. So if you feel like you’ve taken up too much work, it’s best to be transparent about it instead of overworking yourself.

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  • A remote team that manages to achieve asynchronous communication can be remarkably beneficial when it comes to working on projects with people in varying time zones.
  • When you think of self-care you might think of bath salts, spa days, pedicures, or resort stays.
  • Focus time is a dedicated block of time you set aside for uninterrupted task work.
  • Remote workers are among the most susceptible to professional burnout.

As you can see from the list above, self-care comes in a variety of forms. It doesn’t matter what it is, so long as it makes you feel good and it lets you take the break you need and deserve. We are finite beings with limited time, energy, and resources. And be vigilant to guard against any incoming guilt 🙅‍♀️ for not doing the other task; you can’t do everything and no choice is perfect. Keep something on your desk that reminds you of your purpose in life. Be it a photo of your family 📷, a memento 🎲, an inspirational quote 📜, or simply your own “statement of purpose” ✍️.

When are you most (and least) productive?

Poor work-life balance negatively impacts workers’ health and happiness. They become more stressed and feel less in control at work and in their personal lives. Those who have a good work-life balance are often happier and less stressed.

  • It helps when you work for a team that understands all the unique benefits and challenges of working remotely and makes employee well-being a priority.
  • Different people will adopt different self-care practices, and even your own definition might change over time.
  • Clearly define goals, roles, responsibilities, and deadlines so that everyone on the team knows what needs to be done and by when.
  • Furthermore, it could be tempting to find yourself saying no to specific time meets and suggest other times instead, since these meetings could be scheduled outside your usual working hours.
  • If you work from your dining room table that’s covered in laundry that needs to be put away, you might do that instead of working.

But instead of dedicating the time you normally spend commuting to an extra half hour of snoozing your alarm, get ready for the day the way you normally do. When you take a break or complete your daily tasks, you need to truly leave work behind. Set up processes to appear as “do not disturb” on your communication devices. Don’t forget to also set up a clocking-out routine to neatly wrap up your day.

These three chemicals balance your mood, create feelings of happiness and joy, and help you feel more connected to the people around you. Melinda’s morning self-care practice includes spiritual reading, yoga, and meditation, working remotely in a different time zone followed by some time outside before her workday begins. This could be the ritualistic actions involved in putting on makeup, an exercise routine to boost your physical health, or simply taking a shower.

  • 🌲 ” Use these 25 minutes to let go, wind down, and be inspired to notice the small details, the goodness of the world around us.
  • The most time-saving tool that I feel recommending here is Loom.
  • Gaines says getting more organized helps create a sense of balance.

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